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Modern Ticketing

AUTHOR: The folks at Eden

What's Changed

Can Eden Workplace help you organize and manage employee requests?

Our relaunched Modern Ticketing solution has come to the rescue! No more sticky notes or taps on the shoulder.

With our ticketing solution, employees submit requests via the dashboard or by using our nifty Slack integration.

Modern Ticketing includes a number of customizable workflows, including:

  • Boards to manage requests across teams or locations

  • Catalogs that include scoping questions so you gather all relevant information to successfully handle submitted tickets

  • Checklists on tickets to make collaboration with your teammates easy and efficient

  • Notifications to requesters and collaborators to keep everyone on the same page

Finally, you have access to metrics so you can make smart decisions about your internal operations.

Streamline employee requests with Eden Workplace's Modern Ticketing solution today!

Further Details

Learn more about setting up Modern Ticketing here.

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