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Desk Booking

Desk Booking & Floor Plans

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What's Changed

Are you looking for a way to manage your hybrid workplace?

Eden Workplace has just what you need –– Desk Booking & Floor Plans!

  • Provide employees with a user friendly, streamlined solution that allows them to book their preferred spot within the office while fostering collaboration among teams.

  • Admins can upload an image file of your floor plan so employees can easily navigate the office and find their teammates.

  • And don't forget to add tags –– these will allow employees to filter by desk attributes in order to find the perfect work environment.

  • Admins can also assign permanent seating or make certain desks reservable by certain employees.

Combine Desk Booking & Floor Plans with Team Safety to have a powerful solution to manage your office space capacity.

  • You'll be able to see where employees sit, the results of any wellness surveys, and when they checked in and out of the office.

  • Pair your account with our many integrations – such as Slack, Brivo, and Okta – to keep your office safe and secure while making employee reservations a breeze.

How to use it

To set up, navigate to Settings > Locations > click the correct location and select + Add Sublocation

Create a Floor > Select that floor and upload your floor plan

Scale your image and start adding bookable desks to the floor plan!

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